Consulting Services

We are able to provide a complete consulting service to stand alone retirement funds (normally favoured by larger employers) as well as employers who join any one of the registered industry umbrella funds.

IPM prefers a partnership approach to business where delivery to the end client is achieved via the use of a number of business partners. By being free to source any number of service providers in the market, IPM’s independence as the consultant ensures consistent access to the market leaders in their field. Whether this is on Investment Consulting, Asset Management, Trustee Training, Legal Representation, Administration Service or Payroll services, each service provider is chosen via a strict defendable tender process and is always based on merit.

What happens when we take on a new fund?

In line with our best solution practice, we first do an initial client interview and basic audit of the fund establishing the necessary information required. Over and above understanding the client’s requirements, this ensure that the legal formalities are also taken care of and that the employer is not exposed under the Pensions Fund Act, Income Tax Act or the Labour Relations Act.

We then benchmark the fund against the industry and research the market to establish the competitiveness of the current providers to the fund, thus ensuring an optimal mix of value for all parties to the fund.

What is the on-going consulting role?

We never take our position of trust for granted and go through a process of “re-acquiring” our clients on a regular basis. This ensures the solution to our clients stays relevant and that the value proposition is maximised throughout your relationship with IPM. This encompasses but is not limited to the following:

  • Keep proper registers, books and records of the operation of the Fund, including rules, policies and minutes of all resolutions passed by the Board;
  • Review investment policies and investment strategy;
  • Provide for regular monitoring and feedback of the Fund’s investment performance;
  • Review and negotiate investment policies;
  • Review and rebroke of risk policies;
  • Deliver member presentations as required;
  • Provide input into the design of fund member benefit structures;
  • Provide legal and tax advice pertaining to retirement funds;
  • Provide a yearly fund management plan that ensures that all compliance and management issues are met;
  • Report annually on the position the fund relative to its benchmarks and those of the market.