Our Service Providers

When we repair our cars, we make use of an expert for the time it takes to repair our car. We assess the result and if satisfied conclude the transaction. We do the same when we visit our doctor, educate our children, sell our homes or for that matter, engage in most daily transactions. If the service is not to our liking then we have the option to take our business elsewhere. In other words, we do not have to buy a bakery to get fresh bread.

This is the principle we employ when looking after our clients. We do not own any service providers and none of them share an interest or exert an influence in our business. We do however enjoy the freedom to make use of their expertise and facilities to provide solutions and service our clients. If they meet all expectations, then we continue to support them, however if not, then we have the freedom to terminate the relationship in pursuit of our clients objectives.

It is very seldom that conflicts of interest do not result in the eventual destruction of value for the end stakeholders.