Asset Consulting Capability

Arguably the most important benefit under any retirement fund is the retirement benefit itself. Assisting the fund in establishing their investment strategy is a role that IPM certainly relishes.

The setting of the strategy, funding the strategy and monitoring the key performance criteria, are just some of the elements that IPM will manage. IPM’s access to a range of modeling tools, as well as broader qualitative economic analysis via ETM Analytics, gives real substance to the investment strategy and ensures real peace of mind for the retirement fund committee. Member’s assets are continually looked after in a considered and disciplined manner, giving members the best possible chance of reaching their retirement goals.

Underlining this process is effective member communication. IPM’s preferred method of communication is on a “final salary” model, thus equating the member’s retirement benefit to a percentage of their final salary at retirement.

Communication can be done via interactive presentations, written communications or a combination of both.

As part of the broader investment strategy, funds’ receive a well-researched and documented process into the management of member interests on the fund and is hence readily defensible should the board be challenged by the membership for any reason.